Mr. Buttegieg, please be careful

I’ve not paid much attention to you until you blamed your homosexual behavior on my savior. I would take a second to ask you to think, and to please be careful when doing that in future.

Consensual sexual relations is the result of an urge or desire. Homosexual people can and do live in perfect harmony with the opposite sex. The only time the opposite sex is rejected by a homosexual is when it comes to having sex. Sex and even the cultivation of an exclusive relationship with another human being are desires. Yes they are powerful and for some sex can be too powerful and even perverse in the case of child molesters and sexual offenders who can’t be rehabilitated. But many things and forces in our world are powerful and overwhelming. The desire to have sex and have an exclusive personal relationship with another human being is just one of them.

This desire does not stay with us long. From puberty until menopause for most people. That’s why male sex organs are useless in middleage. The body is on the wind-down and can no longer reproduce — a hard erection is no longer necessary for the purpose we are here. Urges and desires decrease.

Yes God makes us as we are, but he also gave us the brains to understand and follow his laws. He gave us guidelines and He gave us the Holy Spirit to live within us and help us to physically make those decisions and put his word into practice here where we live. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we are encouraged or obliged to pursue our desires — not even those we consider natural. I have a natural love for gambling and drugs but I resist because that’s God’s law. Homosexual urges and desires are no different than my urges. Mr. Buttegieg you are not allowed to break God’s law because you think that’s how He created you. He created you with a brain to read and understand and FOLLOW his law.

Christians have all heard of that “narrow path.” We must resist and control temptations. Nobody ever said, especially not God, that this world is a hedonistic free-for-all. On the contrary this narrow path we walk is full of rules and laws and guidance and loving direction.

Mr. Buttegieg I’m sure you know well the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Do you think that story was told just for entertainment? We can see that homosexuality is one of the things that will make God angry enough to destroy his own creation and people. How dare you blame God for this behavior when He explicitly gave you instructions not to do this.

No it may not seem fair that we are born with urges and desires that we’re not supposed to fulfill. To some it wouldn’t seem natural to not fullfill them. Some geniuses kill themselves because they can’t handle the stress and pain of awareness. Some gays kill themselves because they can’t handle the internal turmoil. Some people born in chronic pain just want to end it all. We cannot give in to temptation. We must live with the cards we are dealt. God knows our hearts. The only way to anger him is to purposely go against his word.

Mr. Buttegieg what you’re doing is one of the sins that makes God the angriest. And you’re doing it in direct defiance of his word AND you’re blaming him for it. It’s a sin that makes him so angry that he destroyed his own people and creation. Are you sure you want to blame him for what you do here on earth? Nobody is putting a gun to your head. The Holy Spirit lives within you if you’re a Christian yet you choose to ignore its law?

Please be careful in the future when blaming God for things that you do here in this life. He is perfect and as a Christian you should know that. I don’t know how much Bible study you’ve done but I’d say you need to get on that. Get a commentary if you have difficult interpreting it.


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